About Us

"Building Wealth through Synergy"
Established in early 2010, Xynergy Indonesia is part of Xynergy Australia who became one of the pioneer in the business to provide one stop service for clients who are looking to broaden their property portfolio to Australia especially Melbourne. Within few years, Xynergy Indonesia who based in Jakarta started to open offices in Medan, Surabaya and Bandung.  
Xynergy Indonesia is an investment company with interests and operations in real estate across Australia and other major cities around the globe. We have a vision to be a leading 'one-stop solution' for property investments that will maximize the value of our clients' assets and portfolio through real estates. This is achieved by delivering superior standard of services and always maintaining operational excellence.  
At Xynergy, we provide professional consultation for our clients who have interest to buy overseas property by educating the client about process and strategy. We differentiate ourselves from others by exceeding our customers' expectations in quality, services and timeframes. In addition, our management team have had well over 6 years of experience within the industry, and they understand the clients' needs in securing their investment properties, right from sourcing the right properties, legal aspects, to financing the properties themselves.  
Along the journey, we have gained the trust of some major developers to market the best projects in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore & UK. The business attitude, keeping good relationship, goal oriented, and teamwork become the keys to our success. We have always tried to perform our best and exceed expectations when it comes to market any projects. Some of the projects that we have successfully brought to Indonesia: Vogue Apartments, Sheraton 27 Lt. Collins Apartments, Parkville Evo Apartments, ILK Apartments, Fulton Lane Apartments, AVANT Tower, Tower of Melbourne, Emerald Apartment, Collins Tower, London City Island, Medini Meridine, and many more.  
Exclusively, we place ourselves in a high level of customer services because we strongly believe that our clients are the reason we are in the business. Therefore, their satisfactions and wealths are the main focuses and concerns in our business operations. At Xynergy, we believe that we have the right people, products and services in building your wealth through synergy. Currently we have been trusted to manage more than 800 units of apartment in Melbourne, and we are aiming to give the best experience for our clients, Xynergy total experience.     
The Xynergy Realty family has big dreams and plans for the future. We want to be the best in the business. We want to be known as a business who give a total different experience through excellent customer service and commitment.    
To deliver a superior standard of services by continual improvement and upgrading our products and services.    
Our Values
1. Synergy
Aristotle once said, “The whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.” Synergy is the essence of cooperation, and it is the core of our business.
2. Evolution
We are constantly evolving to stay on top of – and sometimes lead the way – in current property trends.
3. Trust  
Trust is the bond that ties families together. It is a crucial part of Xynergy Realty.
4. Respect  
True respect is not given away freely. Rather, it is earned. Our goal is to gain yours.
5. Commitment to Professionalism
You deserve nothing less than complete professionalism from our Xynergy Realty family.
6. Superior Knowledge and Skills  
You want nothing but outstanding advice and expert skills – and we’ll provide it.
7. Strong Work Ethic
We work hard to ensure that you have the best possible experience with our services, from start to finish.